Notre Dame is now 6-5 after getting back to defense.  Unfortunately, it has been a costly road to reaching bowl eligibility. 

A student videographer died during a practice when the lift he was in blew over in high winds, and now a female student from sister university Saint Mary's has taken her own life after an alleged sexual assault by a Notre Dame football player.

Rumors abound, but all indications are that a star wide-out with a history of abusing women is the alleged perp.  While the media and the police have not officially released a name, several sources with direct ties to the matter have confirmed the identity.  Due to potential confidentiality laws relating to college students, and because the player has not been charged or arrested for any crime, I am withholding his name for the time being.

First year Irish coach Brian Kelly once again has to pick up the pieces after former coach Charlie Weis created a huge mess.  Weis built a culture of negativity, big egos, and arrogance.  Kelly, meanwhile, is trying to clean it up quietly.  Unfortunately, it seems Weis was well aware this particular player did not respect women and still recruited him.

How this type of negative leadership was ever allowed at a Catholic University is beyond understanding.  Weis bred a culture that promoted arrogance without success.  He sought players more interested in their own glory than team success.  He counted on the South Bend police turning a blind eye towards his players' illegal activities.

Irish athletes have a negative reputation currently, viewed as above the law, rich, arrogant, and immature.  This reputation does not stop at the football program.  It extends throughout all the sports programs, with minor exceptions being made with regards to the mens and womens basketball teams, the hockey team, and the mens soccer team.  But the football team, under Weis, expanded this negative culture to a new high.

Sadly, this woman not only was alleged to have been sexually assaulted, but the flame of her life was extinguished.  Since prosecution of sexual crimes without a living victim are nearly impossible, this particular wide receiver will continue to abuse women while likely going to the NFL after this season.

Weis, once again, is responsible for some of the worst off-the-field behavior ever demonstrated by Notre Dame athletes.